Become Predictably Busy With Boring Lead Gen Infrastructure

Disturbingly targeted cold outreach that stops your sales team from twittling their thumbs all day looking at an empty calendar.

Wear less hats in your business
Close deals with ideal clients
Build enterprise value 

Zero-obligation strategy session
  • Juan (transparent)
    Juan Neria — Nomad Design


    "I can't recommend them enough. I will be working with Mitchell from LeadGrow for a long time, and you should as well!"

  • Mike (transparent)
    Mike — Founder


    "Mitchell & Lead Grow are absolutely incredible. As an Educational Consultant, pitching highly customized solutions over cold email is a big challenge. Mitchell showed me how to leverage my costumer data to completely differentiate my offer. "  

  • Profile
    Tim Dyrdin — JT Content


    "We'd had a terrible time with 2 agencies and then we gave LeadGrow a shot. They spent weeks crafting a truly bespoke strategy for us that has made growth predictable for our sales team."

Watch this video to learn exactly how we do it. 👇

How we make 'boring' happen

Extreme preparation for predictible results. 

  • Step 1

    Finding One

    We diligently source every minute detail we can find about your target market & ideal prospect. Deploying enterprise prospecting tools at scale to find your One perfect-fit prospect.

    Once you find one, copy, targeting, and winning new leads becomes simple.

  • Step 2

    Diligent Setup

     A scalable high-delivery system with CRM automations. integrated directly into your business. We setup custom scrapers to pull data that no one else does, so you get results like no other.

    & after 90 days you can choose to keep the system and run it yourself. 

  • Step 3

    Creative campaigns

    With your ICP found we brief campaigns that use AI & data insights to make every email sent to your prospects unique.

    Targeting their core desires & showcasing outsized effort to win their attention & trigger them to think about their problems. 

  • Step 4

    Validate & Scale

    We conduct audits every week to validate copy, targeting & sales assets to decide whether to pivot persevere or scale each campaign based on data. Then scale your winners to the max.

    From their we target new angles & new markets to open up your TAM & drive revenue through booked calls.

  • Result

    Boring Results

    It requires profound preparation to acheive boringly predictable results.

How to get Started

4 simple steps

  • 1

    Book your free discovery call

     A zero-obligation call where we identify if cold email is a fit for your business & discuss strategy. 

    Illustration 01
  • 2

    Onboarding form + Action plan

    If everything makes sense the next step is to get to know your business & ideal customer inside and out.

    Illustration 02
  • 3

    We build your boring outreach systems

    We combine the powers of over 40 data providers to build pin-point accurate outreach system for boringly predictable results.   

    Illustration 03
  • 4

    Start landing booked calls in weeks

    We help you dominate cold outreach to your target market & drive consistent long term revenue

    Illustration 04

No obligation session

Want more info?

Watch these live consults, testimonials & campaign builds


Exciting questions, boringly answers without the marketing jargon.

Still thinking about it? Then your best bet is to book a call.

We will answer any questions you may have about what cold outreach can & can't do for your business.

There's zero hard selling 'cause high tension calls aren't exactly boring.

Besides we only partner with a handful of clients at a time to maintain quality.

This isn't some silly scarcity tactic. It's the boring lead grow philosophy. 

So book a call & find out if it makes sense.

  • No long term contracts

  • Predictable lead flow

  • A system that you own

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