How to win clients with cold email in 2024 | Lead generation framework

published on 02 March 2024

By Mitchell Keller

How to make client acquisition boringly predictable with Data-driven cold email infrastructure & Asset-based selling ๐Ÿ’คIf you have a proven offer & know how to close this will help you add hundreds of thousands in new business every year.

Brass Tacks ๐ŸคŒ

โœ… Every cold email system must send at volume
โœ…Every cold email system must have high deliverability
โœ…You need to warm your domains

You need to follow up quickly (within 5 minutes)

Software has gotten frighteningly good. So good that cold email isn't about landing in inbox anymore.

 And honestly? it isn't about volume either. If you spend thousands on infrastructure like us & build a few great in-house automations you can send 50k email per month with no issues.

 & make technical setup a breeze. DKIM, DMARC, SMTP.You name it.

This isn't about that.

This is about how to excel with cold email outreach, beyond the barebones principles of not sending links or blasting from one email. This is how to make getting clients boring.

Great cold email is data-driven

why? because a message for everyone is a message for no one. 


But how do you find one?


How it works.

Example: An SEO Agency

Typical ICP & Outreach:Local businesses with Wordpress websites that are listed on google maps with 10-100 employees.

The Data-driven approach: Dental clinics that list dental emergencies as a service on their websites, that fail to rank in the top 50 for dentists in their area split on a city by city basis for personalization but are actively posting blogs on their website.


The Interest Value Connect Framework for qualified leads & asset-based sales.

There's 2 things you have to do when reaching out to a prospect โœ… Answer the why you, why now. ๐Ÿ’ก& Build enough trust to get a call.


We generate interest through a simple question that makes your prospect come to a realization about their problem. For example: SDRs are expensive, so wouldn't you rather them spend more time closing deals and less time finding prospects? Example from the SEO agency example "Noticed Chicago gets 3212 dental emergency searches per month & you aren't currently ranking for it despite having it listed on your website. Is adding more dental emergency clients a priority for your clinic?" The beauty of this is that it leads naturally to soft CTA.


From there, we offer a relevant piece of value. Why value? because your prospects are as protective of their time as you are.

By relevance I mean relevant to the interest you're surveying for. In this case its a very specific SEO strategy. So for the value you could say: "I actually put together a quick audit on how you could rank for this & a few other relevant keywords to drive revenue. Mind if I record a video going over it and send it over? P.S. This is the same strategy that helped a dentist in LA capture 25 new dental emergency clients per month."
For the prospect this feels like you've done a ton of research, you've answered the why you, why now, and you've offered relevant value that will help them whether they choose to work with you or not.


From there you send the resource and offer a time to chat in detail on the strategies if they feel they are relevant/would help them. Notice that's all about positioning yourself as a helper not a seller. This is the epitome of cold outreach. Hyper personalized Hyper scalable & outreach that builds your rep instead of making you look like just another generic email blaster.
Types of resources you can use:

  • Case studies of clients you've helped that are like them.
  • Personalized Loom videos
  • Audits
  • Courses
  • E books
  • Free leads, tools, or even a free trial of the service (careful with this)
  • A VSL covering how they can acheive a result
  • a WSL covering how they can acheive a result

๐Ÿ”‘ The key is to provide a TON of value. A sickening amount. ๐Ÿ’ฒ And the best part is that once you hop on the call they already believe you are capable.

You just have to show them that it's right for them. Making sales calls smooth sailing.