Cold Email Prospecting Masterclass — Make data your unfair advantage + Targeted lead generation examples.

updated on 06 March 2024

By Mitchell Keller

First off, this isn't some beginner tutorial or cookie cutter template. This is a framework for how to think about cold email prospecting and build unusual campaigns that get criminal results.

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Without High-Intent Targeted Prospecting:

❌ Your camapigns & copy will end up directionless

❌ You won't truly know who you're targeting

❌ Your sales assets will fall flat

❌ And frankly your domains are going to get burned.

With High-Intent Prospecting:

✅ You can easily answer the why you & why now: which helps copy resonate with your prospect.

✅ You can immediately build rapport with your prospect by making them feel like you care.

✅ Your domains and deliverability will skyrocket

✅ You will get more results with less leads & leads are far less likely to be burned 🔥

But how do you build great lead lists?


The Rule of One for Targeted Lead Generation

The number one lead generation rule
The number one lead generation rule

When it comes to lead generation Most people think more people = better.

Most people think One business is enough

or One problem

or One person

The truth is these are multiplicative. The more boxes you tick the more leverage you create with your lead generation and cold email campaigns.

How we create One for the best lead generation 

We create one by starting with the problem and reverse engineering towards the solution.

We ask ourselves what businesses could have the problem

And what people this problem may effect.

One Example: A SaaS founder, with over 2000 followers that hasn't posted much in the last 30 days & doesn't have a content person on the team.

Campaign angle: I imagine you must be too busy for content right now!

One Example 2: A SaaS founder, actively posting on social media, any follower count, that has been actively posting on social media with over 5 posts in the last month & doesn't have a content person on the team.

Campaign angle: Noticed you're super active, wonder if you have a clear plan in place for scaling and monetizing on socials? We help founders without content personnel skip the 6 month figuring shit out phase and go straight to scaling and monetizing.

The Best Lead Generation & Prospecting Tools for Cold Email

To find businesses:

To prospect for businesses we use Clutch, Get Latka, Crunchbase & G2.

To find contacts:

To prospect for contacts we use Apollo, Datagma, Clutch

To find problems:

To prospect for problems we use Clay & again Crunchbase. The reason we use Clay is because provides access to over 40 data providers. 

To find extra information to personalize off of: LinkedIn groups, Events, Communities, & post interactions can all be great.

Tools we use for scraping: Apify, Instant Data Scraper, TexAU, Octoparse

Where the money is made in Lead Generation: Triggers

Cold email Triggers Baby! 
Cold email Triggers Baby! 

Triggers help you answer the why you & why now question that every prospect has when they receive a cold email or DM.

Triggers can be all sorts of things and are entirely dependent on what you're selling.

Here's a list:

  • Headcount growth
  • Hiring for specific positions
  • Not having a specific position on the team
  • Having a specific position on the team
  • Joining linkedin events about a specific topic
  • Joining groups about a specific topic
  • Being a first-time founder
  • Not having certain technologies on their website
  • Technology they use
  • Keywords listed on their website (Newsletter, key feature etc)
  • Recently funded?
  • Share investors with your client?
  • mutual connections
  • negative publicity
  • actively posting on a specific social network
  • Number of website visitors they have

But overall there's infinite things that can qualify someone for an offer & help you personalize your campaigns to make your prospect problem aware.

it just depends on what you're selling and who you are selling too.

How you can get started: Campaign Briefings

Start with a person & idea.

A briefing should be the grandest version & attempt to break the limits of what's possible.

Then in practice you may have to dial it back from there. but that's a good thing! Aim for the stars and you'll land on the moon.

By making a briefing before you start the process you'll always have a clear picture of the data points you want + need to keep and where to pull them.

for instance we did a campaign that was all about trust because it was for a web3 company.

We wanted people/companies who:

  1. Were backed by the same investors (Have money + have mutual connection)
  2. Attended similar blockchain events
  3. were going to attend future blockchain events
  4. Split by B2B & B2C
  5. and didn't have a compliance officer on their team. (those that have a compliance officer ended up in a different campaign)

Going down the pipeline some of these things ended up being useless, but we knew we had to scrape the attendees of events that our client had attended, scrape crunchbase for lookalike investor companies, keep the investor name variable and match it to a list of our clients investors & check to see if that company had any compliance officers.

It made everything coherent.

Lead Generation & Cold Email Campaign Examples 

Ghostwriting Agency Lead Generation Campaign Example

Founders, owners etc with over 2000 followers on linkedin that post less than 5x per month, don't have a content/copywriting person on their team & don't have a sales leader on the team.

CyberSecurity Cold Email Campaign Example

First time enterprise SaaS founders that currently lack cybersecurity experts on the team but have recent funding.


If you know a certain tech stack is vulnerable to attack. Then hit first time founders without experts on the team & are actively using that tech on their site.

Email Marketing Lead Generation Campaign Example

Websites that have the keyword newsletter, from businesses with over 10,000 website visitors per month, that lack a copywriter on the team.

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